Walks, Bug Watching, and the Wonder of Living Present by Dani Hardy

by | Oct 13, 2022 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

Evening walks with my six-year-old daughter have quickly become a favorite way to unwind from the day and reset my stride. Seeing the wind blow through her bright blonde baby fine hair and feeling her sweaty little fingers wrap tightly with mine helps ground me. We kick rocks as we stroll along, take notice of the birds in the sky, occasionally assemble a roadside bouquet of wildflowers, and make chit chat of the day. It’s a joy to spend time with her bearing the heart and soul gift of being present with one another. 


During one of our recent wind-down walks, she spotted an everyday beetle crossing the asphalt as we were looking to cross the road, too. She quickly let go of my hand to kneel down close to get a better look. The beetle was a solid black, six-legged, speck of ordinary but the words she spoke and the moment we shared was anything but. As she hunkered down low she said, “You watch for cars, momma and I’m gonna watch the bug.” I paused, while watching for cars on our slow moving street, and thanked God that He is always watching for the cars in my life so that I can stop to notice the smallest specks of seemingly ordinary wonder. But then I pondered, “How often do I get caught up watching for the passing danger, distraction, or mishap myself that I miss the wonder of a moment altogether.” 



I have learned countless lessons from my daughter but this one felt like a word straight from the Lord that needed to wash over me. 


I, like so many women, spend much of my time planning for what is ahead. What’s for dinner? What outfits need ironing and how much laundry needs to be washed? Can the grocery run wait until tomorrow? What projects are pressing at work? What arrangements need to be made to accommodate date night? And on, and on, and on. The list never really ends. While I am grateful to be a futuristic person with an awareness of what is coming next, the caveat is that I often forget to pause and live present with the people and places right in front of me. The repeated cycle of planning what’s next instead of living what’s now can rob me of my joy, my peace, and resting into the presence of the Lord.


When we truly trust (as wives, mommas, professionals, etc.) that out of His great love for us, God is watching out for the danger, distractions, and mishaps of our lives we will be more greatly liberated to stop and witness the wonder of life unfolding before us. Psalms 16:11 says, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” 


It is in His presence that we find joy. 

It is at His right hand that we see unending pleasures. 

It is Him who makes the path of life known to us.

It is Him looking out for us and affording us the chance to bend low to take notice of the seemingly ordinary but brilliantly beautiful moments of our lives. 


So, sweet friends, take time to pause today in the presence of the Lord in full trust that His love for you has Him on the lookout. As you receive His love, seize the opportunity to extend love right where you are by living present in the now instead of in the next. Take little ones by the hands, take breath into your lungs, and take walks down slow moving streets. After all, He’ll watch for cars so you can watch for beauty. 


© Walks, Bug Watching, and the Wonder of Living Present

Dani Hardy

August 22, 2022


About the Author:

Dani Hardy is passionate about Jesus and spreading the good news of the gospel, which she does first and foremost as a wife and mom. She and her husband Dusty have been married for 17 years and partnering in ministry for over 15 of those years. Together they are raising their two miracle daughters, a 6-year-old and 7 month old who remind them everyday of God’s faithfulness. Dani is the Communications Pastor of Gracechurch just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. Though she has paused her personal ministry to serve her growing family she maintains her passion as an aspiring author, writer/host for the “It is Well” podcast, and curator of content at DaniHardy.com. She is an encourager of hearts and a gifted teacher, leading women to possess bold faith through her wisdom and insight. It is through her love for the Lord, faith in His goodness, and perseverance towards His promises that Dani is honored to write for The Love Offerings blog series.


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Instagram: @danihardy1

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